This layout was originally concieved as a layout for my now-defunct blog, LastSong.net. I made a few changes in order to turn it into a premade, including widening the layout from its original 770px width and increasing the font size for easier readability. I like this layout quite a bit, and I didn't expect to be able to turn what was originally a rather ugly picture into an interesting and unique layout. Give it a good home.


You'll see <!-- --> tags that indicate the begining and end of the content and sidebar sections, so you'll only have to deal with the code between these markers. Basically, just delete this text and add your own. You shouldn't have too much trouble copying/pasting any necessary codes from what I have written.

The navigation buttons at the top of the page can changed by editting the code between the tags <!-- BEGIN TOP NAVIGATION --> and <!-- END TOP NAVIGATION -->. I can't imagine that you'd need more links than the layout can accomodate, but please keep the links to 1 line. To make a link highlighted (as in "Home" above), add class="active" to the <li> tag.

This is a blockquote. You can also make content appear in a box like this by adding class="box" to any block-level element. For example, you can use <p class="box"> or <div class="box">.


Stylesheets are in the style.css file, if you want to edit anything. This layout is designed for 1024x768 resolution or higher and was tested with IE 8, Firefox 2, and Google Chrome.

Valid HTML and Valid CSS



This layout features a photograph of some wires that I took myself, as well as several self-generated patterns and textures.